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Battle für Gate 18 PSVR (Ps4)30.05.2018 
Airport Simulator 2018 (PS4)30.03.2018 
Airport Simulator 2018 (Xbox One)30.03.2018 
Beast Quest (PS4)27.03.2018 
Goldgräber Simulator (PC)26.01.2018 
Railway Empire (PC)26.01.2018 
Axiom Verge (Switch)26.01.2018 
Axiom Verge (PS4)26.01.2018 
Monster Hunter: World (PS4)26.01.2018 
Railway Empire (PS4)26.01.2018 
Dragon Ball FighterZ (Ps4)26.01.2018 
Railway Empire (Xbox One)26.01.2018 
Dragon Ball FighterZ (Xbox One)26.01.2018 
Monster Hunter: World (Xbox One)26.01.2018 
The Inpatient PSVR24.01.2018 
Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker´s Memory (PS4)19.01.2018 
Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition (PS4)16.01.2018 
Battle Chasers: Nightwar (Switch)31.12.2017 
DOOM - Virtual Reality Edition (PC)31.12.2017 
Quake Champions (PC)31.12.2017 
Seven: The Days long gone (PS4)31.12.2017 
Inside Limbo Double Pack (Xbox One)31.12.2017 
Dollhouse (PS4)30.12.2017 
Dollhouse (PC)30.12.2017 
Overcooked! (Switch)30.12.2017 
WWE 2K18 - Standard Edition (Switch)29.12.2017 
Cities: Skylines (Xbox One)29.12.2017 
LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 (Switch)29.12.2017 
Steel Division: Normandy 44 (PC)29.12.2017 
The Guild 3 (PC)29.12.2017 
Werksbrandschutz - Die Simulation (PS4)20.12.2017 
HITMAN: Die komplette erste Season (PS4)19.12.2017 
Ostwind - Das Spiel (PS4)14.12.2017 
Seven: The Days long gone (PC)14.12.2017 
Vegas Party (PS4)12.12.2017 
Fallout 4 - Virtual Reality Edition (PC)12.12.2017 
Vegas Party (Switch)12.12.2017 
Okami HD (PS4)12.12.2017 
Okami HD (Xbox One)12.12.2017 
Lumo (Switch)11.12.2017 
Rocket League - Collector's Edition (PS4)07.12.2017 
Spellforce 3 (PC)07.12.2017 
Rocket League - Collector's Edition (Xbox One)07.12.2017 
Chaos auf Deponia (PS4)06.12.2017 
Horizon: Zero Dawn - Complete Edition (PS4)06.12.2017 
Steep - Winter Games Edition (PC)05.12.2017 
Deathwing: Space Hulk Enhanced Edition (PS4)05.12.2017 
Deathwing: Space Hulk Enhanced Edition (Xbox One)05.12.2017 
Steep - Winter Games Edition (Xbox One)05.12.2017 
Steep - Winter Games Edition (PC)05.12.2017