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LEGO Star Wars: Die Skywalker Saga (Xbox Series X)31.12.2021 
Dying Light 2 (PS4)31.12.2021 
Dying Light 2 (Xbox One)31.12.2021 
Riders Republic (Ps5)31.12.2021 
Xiii (Switch)31.12.2021 
LEGO Star Wars: Die Skywalker Saga (Switch)31.12.2021 
Riders Republic (PS4)31.12.2021 
Iron Harvest (Xbox One)31.12.2021 
Alex Kidd - In Miracle World (Xbox One)31.12.2021 
LEGO Star Wars: Die Skywalker Saga (Xbox One)31.12.2021 
Dying Light 2 (PC)31.12.2021 
Spacebase Startopia (Switch)31.12.2021 
LEGO Star Wars: Die Skywalker Saga (PS4)31.12.2021 
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake (PS4)31.12.2021 
Destruction Allstars (Ps5)31.12.2021 
Riders Republic (Xbox One)31.12.2021 
Riders Republic (PC)31.12.2021 
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake (Xbox One)31.12.2021 
Iron Harvest (Ps4)31.12.2021 
Back 4 Blood (Xbox Series X)21.10.2021 
Back 4 Blood (Ps4)21.10.2021 
Back 4 Blood (PS5)21.10.2021 
DEATHLOOP (PC)14.09.2021 
DEATHLOOP (PS5)14.09.2021 
New World (PC)31.08.2021 
Humankind (PC)17.08.2021 
Cris Tales (Switch)20.07.2021 
Cris Tales (PS5)20.07.2021 
Cris Tales (Xbox One)20.07.2021 
Cris Tales (PS4)20.07.2021 
F1 2021 (PS5)16.07.2021 
F1 2021 (Xbox Series X)16.07.2021 
F1 2021 (Xbox One)16.07.2021 
F1 2021 (PS4)16.07.2021 
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD (Switch)16.07.2021 
Where The Heart Leads (PS4)13.07.2021 
Ys IX: Monstrum Nox Pact Edition (Switch)09.07.2021 
The Silver Case 2425 - Deluxe Edition (Switch)09.07.2021 
Monster Hunter Stories 2 (Switch)09.07.2021 
Oddworld: Soulstorm (PS5)06.07.2021 
In Nightmare (Ps4)06.07.2021 
Oddworld: Soulstorm (PS4)06.07.2021 
Necromunda: Hired Gun (PS5)30.06.2021 
Pro Cycling Manager 220 (PC)30.06.2021 
Descenders (Xbox Series X)30.06.2021 
Greedfall Gold Edition (Xbox Series X)30.06.2021 
Road Redemption (PS4)30.06.2021 
Necromunda: Hired Gun (XBox Series X)30.06.2021 
Necromunda: Hired Gun (PS4)30.06.2021 
Necromunda: Hired Gun (XBox One)30.06.2021